Classico or UCL taste for Marseille next Sunday?

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If Paris Saint Germain needs a win on Sunday to continue its ascending march to the TOP, Marseille will probably try everything to stay alive in the Ligue1.

Last October, for the first leg game, Marseille displayed an embarrassing show in Paris with ZERO shoot attempt, 10 defenders and 1 new coach hoping for the best for his first challenge. Back in the 90’s, Marseille used to be THE Paris’s Pet Peeve. This opposition was a symbol of the North/South contest, the clash between the French Capital versus a countryside city but Paris is now aiming for a greater purpose and will have to stay focus.

Here is why.

Franck McCourt (new owner) and his “OM Champions Project”, has big ambitions for the club. He wants to pump EUR200 millions into it during the next four years but mainly “wants Marseille to win” again in France. As a quick and first move, McCourt managed to sign a mix of aging (Evra, Payet) and young players (Sanson, Sertic) during the last mercato to calm down the supporter’s anger. A EUR40 million gesture which should help to heal wounds and reboost the team spirit.

After two slaps received in January against Monaco (1-4) and Lyon (3-1), two TOP5 FL1 teams, and two other losses against Nantes (3-2) and Metz (1-0), Garcia, who claimed to have THE best FL1 defence, will have to show he is the right leader for this ambitious and confident OM…

Probably the OM best asset next Sunday, the Velodrome stadium will be overflowing with passion with an 100% pro-OM crowd. The local police, sadly, took the liberty to ban all PSG fans to travel in the back country. Paris, as usual, will have to battle in a fiery and noisy environment.


Score prediction:

Despite an aging team (Yoan Pele (34), Rod Fanni (35), Rolando (31), Tomas Hubocan (31), Lassana Diarra (31), Bafetimbi Gomis (31), Patrice Evra (35)), Marseille will certainly play its most exciting game of the season. This OM has nothing to lose and might hopefully propose more game play to realise a performance inspired by the last PSG-BARCA UCL game.

Even with the hostile atmosphere, Paris will have to adapt and play with authority to give no chance to its opponent.

OM 0-2 PSG


  • Mat

    Come on PSG!!!!!

  • Uss Production

    i think PSG is clearly above OM. if they play seriously they are going to win 0-3 or 0-4

  • Ben Oit

    Hey Uss Prod, you are right Paris is definitely Above Marseille!!