First final of the year for Paris

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Despite an interesting start from the host Bordeaux and a chance to lead after 6 mins by Malcolm, Paris managed to win the game. A real habit for this PSG in 2017.

Strong and resourceful, Lucas is the first Parisian to get a close chance to score at the 16 minute. But no luck yet.

Couple of minutes later, Lucas, again, with an intelligent play gets a free kick well placed from Bordeaux’s goal.
Angel Fabián di María Hernández takes the ball and scores a sublime free kick sending a message to Emery that he is not yet in China.

Less confident Bordeaux gives some space to Paris where Matuidi, less shining lately, misses a huge opportunity to end the suspense after a fantastic work from Verratti.

Seeing Paris struggling to make the break, Bordeaux with Rolan and an offside pass from Malcom, simply pushes the ball into the empty net to square the result before the second half.

After the break, Bordeaux still believes in his chances but Cavani comes to Paris’s rescue at the 60 mins with his 27 goal of the 2016-2017 campaign.
Lucas, in every good play, provides him a superb throughball where the Uruguayan made no mistake with a sonic finish that cleaned off the net.

Even with the help from the ex Parisian, Menez for Bordeaux, Cavani, closer than ever (109 goals) from Zlatan’s goals record, knock his host out thanks to a cleaver pass from Rabiot. Its now 3-1 for Paris!

At the 81 mins, Di Maria on a good effort, sealed the game with his second goal of the night emphasizing that we can definitely count on him for the rest of the season.

Paris in now marching into the Coupe de la Ligue Final for the fourth-successive season.

Next Sunday, a new challenge, which could be the turn of the Ligue 1 season, is awaiting Emery’s boys against Monaco.