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One of PSG worst memory has been written yesterday in Camp Nou. After being humiliated 6-1, PSG is eliminated from the UEFA Champions League as early as the round of 16. Let’s come back on this nightmarish evening.

The unexplainable

We are playing the 87th minute of the game. The score is frozen since Cavani scored the goal that PSG was craving for to pass through that round in Champions League. Every PSG fans on earth think that Barca will never be able to score the three goals necessary to eliminate us. And then, the whole PSG world falls apart:

  • Neymar (88’, 4-1, direct free-kick)
  • Neymar (91’, 5-1, penalty kick)
  • Sergi Roberto (95’, 6-1, following a long ball)

The facts

  • PSG eliminated from UEFA Champions League round of 16 for the first time since Quatar Sports Investments has taken over the club in 2011
  • First time PSG conceded more than 3 goals since QSI took over.

The regrets

Everyone was expecting Paris to reproduce similar performance as the one in Parc Des Princes three weeks ago, meaning we were expecting PSG to press high and to disturb Barcelona’s game of possession.

Instead it was a very defensive start for Paris and it continues during the whole first half. Was it Unai Emery’s directives in order to adapt to Enrique’s new 3-4-3 formation? We know the Spanish PSG coach likes to analyze opponents and comes back with idea on how to play.

It could have worked actually if the defensive line wasn’t that fragile tonight. The two first goals are a symbol of the general lack of confidence that we saw the major party of the game (Trapp hesitation to go out on the first, Marquinhos unbelievable mistake on the second, pushed in his own goal by Kurzawa…).

It’s difficult to hide behind anything when you lose 6-1. However we can’t omit to mention the referee Mr Deniz Aytekin and his one sided influence on the game.

How could Suarez not being sent out after simulating so many times in the box? How many times did we see a Catalunya player dive in the box after the faintest contact?

Why Aytekin didn’t give a penalty kick following the obvious foul from Mascherano on Di Maria (that doesn’t excuse the shameful miss from El Fideo by the way)?

The future for Paris Saint-Germain

So what’s next for PSG? We are still playing Ligue 1 but we are depending on Monaco who is in his best this season.

It’s difficult to imagine another season with Unai Emery on the bench if we miss the French championship title, even though the Spaniard has tremendous tactician skills. This game against Barcelona is most probably going to seal his future in ‘La Capitale’.

And what about the players? It’s going to be harder and harder to keep player like Verratti if we can’t get this breakthrough in Champions League.

Obviously there is also the question of who doesn’t deserve to be in a team of the level of PSG. But, hey, what exactly is PSG level now?

  • uss prod

    the end of our dream this season

  • Ben Oit

    We fired lolo white and hired Emery especially for this kind of game but sadly he didn’t find the right words tonight to motivate his Boyz.

    This game is the biggest joke of French soccer, I don’t think we can continue with Unaï such coach eventho we win everything else nationally…

    A coach in Paris please.
    Nico S président!

    • Wolf Elso

      yes Nico S President!
      shame on those players who didn’t respect our colours. Despite an horrible game and attitude, your job is to defend your posts like your target at Attica, especially at the 87th minute, a few minutes before going home… do not take a goal…they took 3. Seriously? This is clearly a professional malpractice. As such some changes should be now expected, starting from the top with Nasser Al Khelaifi who has proven to be unable to handle such a project.

      • Ben Oit

        agreed we would do such a mistake while handling, like real pros, our daily job, we would be fired on the spot….