Is PSG the best drama of the year?

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Act 1, Scene 1

May 2016: Paris ruling in France

Paris won everything in France, hammered the Ligue 1 to end up with 96 points and only 2 losses.
On the European stage the team is still learning and got stopped in Quarter Final, again…

Act 1, Scene 2

August 2016: The New Act

A new season is starting with couple of new “talents” but mainly with a new Coach, cut for the Holy Grail, the Champions League.
This PSG 20016/2017 looks equipped to keep its national crown and expend its influence in Europe.

Act 2, Scene 1

December 2016: First Troubles

Disappointing first half for this PSG. The team doesn’t show the same authority on the local scene and is losing precious points in Ligue1. After 19 FL1 games Paris is third with 12 wins, 4 losses and 3 draws (39 pts) behind Monaco (42 pts) and Nice surprising leader (44 pts).
Facing a lot of pressure from the board, the supporters but mainly from the press, Paris signs couple of new sensations and Draxler is player to watch.
Rumours are already sending Emery away as his game style doesn’t seem to fit the team with the exception of Cavani who is carrying Paris by his impressive work on the field.

Act 2, Scene 2

March 2017: The unexpected Fall

Paris starts the year on a higher level holds a series of victories (16 games, 14 wins and 2 draws), muzzles and humiliates the FCB at home during the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. The ogre is back on track and the team seems more involve than ever.
However, despite all the odds Paris dramatically sinks in Barcelona (6-1) for the second leg of the Champions League round of 16, it’s the “Remontada”. The team enters in the history for its lack of character and the press is predicting a great turmoil sending the main players, the coach and the owners out of the PSG…

Paris at its worst….

Act 3, Scene 1

April 2017: The healing process

Despite a lot of negative talks and couple of tricky wins, April fool is no joke for Paris. As a FCB remedy, Paris trashes Monaco (1st in FL1) in League Cup final to win its record 4th straight year Cup thanks to a solid team spirit and a mighty Emery.
At last, Paris and Emery start to scare again locally where 8 Ligue1 games and one more Cup are still to be played.

Act 3, Scene 2

May 2017: Back in command?

After the loss in League Cup, Monaco totally broke down in CL and FL1 to end up without any trophy, leaving Paris alone to lead in France.

Emery did the job but is he really the one who can lead Paris to the Grail?



  • uss prod

    nice post – i think Emery should stay at least one more season but who knows what Nasser has in mind. The ‘Wenger’ rumor is a bit scary